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FileName : EFXLink 2.0
FileType : apk
UpLoadTime : 2023-07-29 12:12:11
Downloads : 261
FileSize : 22.62MB
UpDataTime : 2023-09-27 17:45:00



In order to control the XliteBT, please download the EFXLink by scan the following QR code:


The function description for EFXLink is shown as below:

1:Paired product select

2:Reconnect paired products

3:Delete device

4:Activate/deactivate alarm function

5:Bike searching(only allow to used when the alarm is activated)

6:Adjusting the brightness of the tail lights

7:Settings menu

8:Language setting

9:Auto/Manual mode switch

10:Brake sensor enable switch

11:Alarm music select

12:Flash mode select

13:Firmware upgrade

14:Restore factory settings



Fig. 1


1.1.  Connect the XliteBT to your phone

1) Turn on XliteBT and press  on XliteBT until  start blinking. Open the EFXLink App and click the  button , see Fig.2 below.


Fig. 2


2) Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on. When you see the XliteBT on the list below,please follow step 1~5 in Fig.7 below. Please enter the key in the text box1. You can create any 8-digits key for your device. Please make sure the key is only use on ONE XliteBT if you have more than one XliteBT.


Fig. 3

3) Important: Please do not ignore this step for Android system(Android ONLY)

For Andoid system, please make sure you've conduct this step after finished pairing with the XliteBT in the EFXLink:

Go to the "System Setting→Bluetooth" of the phone as shown in Fig.4, then click the XliteBT device. Make sure the status is "Connected". Please do not ignore this step for Android system otherwise it could affect the auto-connnect feature.  


Fig. 4


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