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XliteBT User Manual (English)

Author:Dongguan Enfitnix Technology Co. Ltd. Click: Time:2023-08-31 16:19:58

User Manual Rev .00

XliteBT Smart Bicycle Tail Light

with Theft-Alarm




DongGuan Enfitnix Technology Co., Ltd.

Please Note: Specification are subject to change without notices.

© 2023 by ENFITNIX Technology Co, Ltd.

1. Product Specification

Product Name:        XliteBT Smart Tail Light with Theft-Alarm

Dimensions:            see Fig.1

Mode:                      Flash1, Flash2, Flash3,Breath, Costant on

Battery:                   750mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Run Time:               13~67hrs

Weight:                   79g(Without mounting bracket)

Color:                      Black

Waterproof:            IPx6

Wireless System:    Bluetooth 5.0

Cover Distance:      About 40m* (Bluetooth signal covering range)

Lock Distance:        3~5m**


* Test in open area.

** The distance could affect by the surrounding, e.g.Obstacle, interference source, etc.



① Bluetooth indicator

② Auto Indicator

③ Bluetooth function button

④ Power button

⑤ USB type C connector

⑥ Charge indicator


                                                           Fig. 1

2. Accessory

                                                        Fig. 2

3. Operation and functionality

Power button (④ as in FIg.1)

The Power Button is used to change the flash mode、working mode or turn on/off the light.



Single Click

Change the flash mode

Double Click*

Switch between Auto and Manual mode

Press down for more than 1s

Switch off **



*The "AUTO" LED indicator (Fig.1 ②)will start to blink when operate under Auto mode.

**The light will be reactivate in“Auto”mode if motion detected.


Bluetooth function button (③ as in FIg.1)

The BLE function button is use to control the connection of the Buletooth.



Press down for more than 1s

Searching for new connection


Operation and Condition for Tail light: 

                                                                                                    Fig. 3


Only the button can turn off the light when operating under "Manual" mode.

Anti-theft alarm operation

Refer to Chapter 5.

4. EFXLink

In order to control the XliteBT, please download the EFXLink by scan the following QR code:

The function description for EFXLink is shown as below:

1:Paired product select

2:Reconnect paired products

3:Delete device

4:Activate/deactivate alarm function

5:Bike searching(only allow to used when the alarm is activated)

6:Adjusting the brightness of the tail lights

7:Settings menu

8:Language setting

9:Auto/Manual mode switch

10:Brake sensor enable switch

11:Alarm music select

12:Flash mode select

13:Firmware upgrade

14:Restore factory settings

                                                                                                                            Fig. 4

4.1. Connect the XliteBT to your phone

1) Turn on XliteBT and press ③ on XliteBT until ① turn on. Open the EFXLink App and click the  button , see Fig.5 below. 

                                                                                                                    Fig. 5

2)Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on. When you see the XliteBT on the list below, please follow step 1~5 in Fig.6 below. Please enter the key in the text box "1". You can create any 8-digits key for your device. Please make sure the key is only use on ONE XliteBT if you have more than one XliteBT.

                                                                                                                    Fig. 6

3) For Android system, please make sure you've conduct this step after finished pairing with the XliteBT in the EFXLink:

Go to the "System Setting->Bluetooth" of the phone as shown in Fig.7, then click the XliteBT device. Make sure the status is "Connecte". Please do not ignore this step for Android system otherwise it could affect the auto-connnect feature. 


    1) Please do not use password“0000 0000”when paring with the XliteBT。

    2) For Android phone users, pls check LBS(Location Based Service) service is turned on before "pairing" or "connecting" XliteBT. If "LBS" app is off, you may not able to proceed "pairing" or "connecting" with your phone.

                                                                                                                        Fig. 7

5. Anti-thief alarm

The XliteBT is come with anti-thief alarm.  The alarm will be triggered by any movement when the anti-thief function is activated . Therefore this will draw attention of the surrounding and avoid the bike getting stolen.

To activate the anti-thief function, you could:

1) In Manual Mode or Auto-ModeClick the "Lock button"  on the EFXLink App. Please make sure the phone is with the CD(see Fig.8, normally CD=10~15 meters) as in Fig.8.


2) In Auto-Mode only: Keep (the phone) away from the bike with the distance greater than the LD(see Fig.8, normally LD= 3~5 meters). Please make sure the bike is working under Auto Mode(double click the Power Button as in Table.1). 


                                                                                                                                                            Fig. 8

To deactivate the anti-thief function, you could:

1) In Manual Mode or Auto-Mode: Click the "Unlock button"  on the EFXLink App. Please make sure the phone is within the CD as in Fig.8.


2)In Auto-Mode only: Move (the phone) close to the bike with the distance less than the LD(see Fig.8, normally LD= 3~5meter). Please make sure the bike is working under Auto Mode. 

                                                                                                                        Fig. 9

6. Installation

Seatpost mount

Step1: Tighten the Seatpost Mount Bracket with the rubber band. 

                                                                                                Fig. 10

Step2: Fit the XliteBT onto the seatpost mounting bracket as show below.

                                                                                            Fig. 11

Saddle mount

Step1: Place the mounting bracket on the seat rails and tighten with the zip-ties. Cut excess length off if need.

                                                                                                Fig. 12

Step2: Insert the XliteBT and turn clockwise until the light is click-in.

                                                                                        Fig. 13

7.Charge the battery

The XliteBT will change to Battery Low mode (as show in Fig. 3) when the battery is running low. Please charge the battery via the USB connector(⑤ as in Fig.1). The battery will be fully charged in about 2~3 hours.



8. Warranty

The XliteBT is covered by a one year warranty.

Please contact the reseller or Enfitnix Customer Service in case of any quality issues:

Tel: +86 (0)769-2223 4810

Email: ecs@enfitnix.com

DongGuan Enfitnix Technology Co., Ltd.

Please Note: Specification are subject to change without notices.

© 2023 by ENFITNIX Technology Co, Ltd.


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